Why AlexRims

Alex rims are forged aluminium wheels.

The production process and the material create substantial advantages in comparison with steel wheels;

  • Lighter
    • 45% to 50% less in weight
    • For a truck-trailer combination total weight savings of 200kg up to 400kg
    • By weight saving, creating a higher payload
  • Safer
    • Lower unsprung mass
    • Better performance of suspension, brakes and shockabsorbers
    • More comfortable
  • More heat-conductive
    • Longer lasting brakes (pads, discs, linings & drums)
    • Longer tyre-life
  • Stronger
    • Forged aluminium wheels are proven to be upto 4,5 times stronger than steel wheels
  • More cost-efficient
    • Reduced fuel consumption (upto 4%)
    • Longer lasting suspension & brakeparts
    • Higher payload
  • Looks better
    • I rest my case….