Alex Quality

Forging the world’s best wheels

The essential ingredients

Raw material is one of the most important elements in producing high-quality forged aluminium wheels. Since the company’s inception, it has continued to develop and improve its aluminium alloy to provide you with the best quality alloy wheels you can buy.

Quality from start to finish

Alex has invested heavily in material furnaces and extrusion equipment to produce a range of wheels that are exceptionally tough and that consistently meet rigorous quality control standards. The company’s vertical integration production process includes a 12,000 ton forging plant, state-of-the-art spinning machines, precision CNC equipment and polishing equipment. Everything from raw materials to in-house production is tightly controlled to guarantee that when you specify Alex Rims, you’re buying the best wheels in the world.

The Alex quality system is certified by ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 and TüV.  The Alex testing LAB had already been qualified by the Japan Light Alloy Automotive Wheel Testing Council (VIA).