About Alex

Alex Global has been a leading producer of aluminium products for over 21 years and in 2003 it expanded its alloy processing capabilities to include highly advanced forged wheels.

Using their own proprietary alloy materials, world-class manufacturing processes and stringent testing standards, Alex developed a range of highly specialized forged wheels which are light in weight, make a great visual statement and extremely durable.

Fit Alex forged wheels and not only will you discover significantly improved vehicle and economic performance, you’ll seriously enhance the overall look of your vehicle.

The essential ingredients

Raw material is one of the most important elements in producing high-quality forged aluminium wheels. Since the company’s inception, it has continued to develop and improve its aluminium alloy to provide you with the best quality alloy wheels you can buy.

Quality from start to finish

Alex has invested heavily in material furnaces and extrusion equipment to produce a range of wheels that are exceptionally tough and that consistently meet rigorous quality control standards. The company’s vertical integration production process includes a 12,000 ton forging plant, state-of-the-art spinning machines, precision CNC equipment and polishing equipment. Everything from raw materials to in-house production is tightly controlled to guarantee that when you specify Alex Rims, you’re buying the best wheels in the world.


We are the sole distributors of Alex Rims in the UK, Ireland and Benelux. As well as representing the Alex Rims brand, IMS Limited is a key distributor for a range of premium products aimed at the commercial vehicle market, including; SAF-Holland, VSE, X-Steering, HALLCO, and Haacon. IMS is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the complete range of SAF-Holland products and sole distributor of HALLCO in the UK and mainland Europe with partner SAF Benelux.

We support our distributorships with unrivalled sales advice, technical support and aftermarket service. You can discover more about the other brands we represent here.

Pon ‘Strong brands, dedicated people’

IMS Limited is part of the Netherlands based Pon Holdings, a strong, healthy and financially stable organisation that was established way back in 1895, serving customers worldwide with premium products and services.

Pon focuses on transport and mobility in the broadest sense; passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tyres, axles, bicycles, power generation, marine engines, material handling, flow control, earthmoving equipment and automotive parts. Pon is the Netherlands distributor for vehicles and components from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Porsche, Continental Tyres and Caterpillar along with the distribution for MAN.